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Creating A Halloween Environment

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So I've managed to rough out a very small (1/2 acre) chunk of my environment. I feel like I'm about 50% there in capturing that late-Autumn feeling. The lighting is a bit off still, but it's feeling good.


Other problems in Unity are NOT feeling good, so I'm already behind in Week One!
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Thank you for the encouraging words.  Yes, I'm creating a short (15-20 minute) first-person horror/adventure game for free release in early October.  There are some details about its inception in an earlier dev journal:




The basics are that I'm trying to use audio to create a "maze" of sorts to navigate.  Creepy sounds, fall colors, camera effects.  All good fun!

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Thanks very much, jbadams.  I'm currently working on the decidedly un-sexy triggers for audio clips and making the grass and foliage shake like something is running toward the player!

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