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Project Anera: Part 3 - Realistic Expectations

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Hey all! It's been a busy week between the World Cup and 4th of July, I haven't devoted as much time to progressing on my project, but I've picked up quite a bit in the past few days.

Realistic Expectations

It dawned on me this past weekend that I most likely won't have time to implement all the features and elements I want. The problem is, it takes only a few minutes to think of a cool feature to add to the game, but can take hours to actually code and implement said feature. And sadly my time is limited, once school starts up for me again in September my time to program will go down dramatically. Moreover, I personally suck at making art, models, and animation so I am extremely limited in what kind of graphics and art I can have.

So while I still have the long-term goal of creating an excellent Sci-Fi Third Person Shooter MOBA that can compete with Dota 2, LoL and other large names in the scene, I have adapted a more achievable mid-term goal. I want to build a demo that has many of the elements of what I want my full-featured MOBA to have but on a much smaller scale. For instance, instead of having a 3v3, 5v5, and 10v10 map. I will have a simple 1v1 Map. Instead of having a unique player model for each combination of race and gender, I will have one generic model for all genders and races. The item system will not have cosmetic properties, but solely be stat modifiers. Models will be low poly and have simple or non-existent textures.

Once I have a demo done, I will go around showcasing it on various websites/forums and hopefully will be able to recruit a few artists (and maybe another programmer) to help expand my small demo project into a full-featured game. Although, I'm not in this for profit or any compensation, it would be nice to one day have this publish through steam green light or another publishing platform. Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself... Check out the game updates below! biggrin.png

Coding Updates

Build 0.0.5:

(July 3rd, 2014)

  • Fixed a bug in the Character Creation process that required a client restart before being able to log in.
  • Added users to the chat system...
  • OI38T0T.png

    Build 0.0.6:

    (July 7th, 2014)

    • Added a play button...
    • GtK45EK.png
    • Programmed server side extension to check if the player wants to "play". Searches for an open match, if none exists, creates a room and waits for an opponent.
    • GYZLZGC.png?1
    • This is a very bare bones matchmaking system, but in the future will easily be scale-able to look for users with similar gear and skill level. Next build I will be finally able to dive into creating the game itself.

      Build 0.0.7:

      (July 8th, 2014)

      • Designed a crude 1v1 Demo Level in Blender and imported into Unity
      • Programmed basic 1v1 Match Script (Currently still bugged, game crashes when you try to exit)
      • Fixed bug to allow players queued for a match to continue chatting in the lobby.
      • Fixed weird bug where players would occasionally Join an existing match AND create their own.
      • Rewrote some server-side code to make the lobby run smoother. (No cosmetic changes)
      • KHtFeUj.png

        Build 0.0.8:

        (July 9th, 2014)

        • Purchased a low poly Sci-Fi art asset set that came with two fully animated prefabs and some environment models. This will hopefully be enough art until I can get a demo done and showcase it in hopes of recruiting some artists (If your an artist and interested in helping out with this project, feel free to contact me!)
        • Imported the Assault Trooper asset into my build.
        • Wrote a simple player controller to allow the player to move his character (and in the future will communicate with the server)
        • Programmed a SpawnLocalPlayer method which dynamically adds a LocalPlayer game object using the Assault Troop Prefab and Player Controller.
        • Programmed the LocalPlayer game object to play his run animation if he is moving
        • Began programming the interpolation process that will be used in future builds, I'm not very confident in it as I've never done interpolation before


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Forward progress is always great. Hope you can find an artist to help move it even further.


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