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Daath Galaxy - Now on Greenlight Concepts with Animated Screenshots

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It's been a little bit since my last update, so I wanted to let you all know that


Daath Galaxy is now on Steam Greenlight Concepts. Please vote here:



I just updated my Greenlight page with these animated GIFs, and I wanted to share them here on my GameDev.net devlog:







While animated GIFs look terrible, I figured I'd show you all a little sneak peak at the game play before the big content reveal on August 1st. Keep in mind, Steam has a 2MB file size limit, meaning I had to really lower the quality of the screen capture. Everything posted so far has been direct game play screenshots.

On the Greenlight Concepts page, I've posted 1920x1080 screenshots, and then directly after 640x360 GIF animations of the same or similar content. Keep in mind the GIFs look terrible, and are only here to show what that you're not looking at concept art, but actual gameplay screenshots.

I know, why not just upload a video? Because that's what August 1st is for. Stay tuned for the real Greenlight campaign on August 1st, including a trailer with mostly in game footage. Thanks for the support everyone!
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This project is really moving along. I will be happy to up-vote your Greenlight.

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Thanks Navyman.  I always appreciate your kind words & support.  You'll definitely have a free copy of the game once the release date nears!

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That would be grand! Plus, I would be happy to inform you of any issues I discover. However, I have been enjoying the updates on this site during a period of time that I have not been able to doing any of my own game development.

If you do not have a Indie DB account I would get one. I learned the hard way that growing a fan base takes some serious time or vial action.


Plus throw some screenshots into the Saturday screenshot thing on this site.

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