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Bugs Funny.

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Bugs are usually source of headaches...

99% of the time you encounter a bug in your game you will be flooded with confusion, anger and the need to lift your fist and curse the gods. Because that's what programming is basically about... cursing the gods for your unfair destiny (why didn't you make me normal?!).

But sometimes... just sometimes... bugs are funny. And they show you unexpected things that you, as the developer, will hardly experience with your own game. Surprise and chuckles.

Yesterday, i was programming very late at night, barely finishing a new feature, when i made my character jump, head first, into this bouncing awning (?). He was supposed to bounce back up... but his high velocity made his head go through the box2d joints of the bouncer (composed, like a bridge or rope, of several bodies tied together)...

The result was my character got stucked on the awning, softly bouncing up and down... while i stared in silent for a few seconds trying to understand what just happened...


Then i laughed. I laughed out loud so hard at the silly result. It was late, i was tired and i could not work anymore...
I turned off the computer still laughing... brushed my teeth laughing... got into bed and chuckled one more time.

Then I rolled to my side... and cried myself to sleep.
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... and cried myself to sleep.

LOL. I have been there, but it is great that you could find some humor in the bug.

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