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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Ohh an entry image. What is it? Well, it's not programming a game but instead programming in a game, as I write some code (that works! Amazing!) for an autonomous rover in Kerbal Space Program. And with that I'll leave another shameless plug here for @KSA_MissionCtrl.

But it's time for a break from all that to see what's been going on around here this past week. Here are entries from 7/7 - 7/12

Say hello to new journal author AvengerDr!

Project Updates

  • Project Anera - Eruadan has numerous build notes as well as goals he feels are more attainable for his MOBA project, at least to start with
  • RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS - MAD UNICORN GAMES shows off the new gameplay video for Crimson City Crisis
  • et1337 makes games - et1337 has a new Lemma trailer up ahead of showing off the game at the Midwest Game Developers Summit
  • Daath Galaxy Devlog - BlackLodgeGames lets us know that Daath Galaxy is up for votes on Steam Greenlight Concepts, with the full campaign launching next month
  • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph - Jason Z gives us a look at what it will be like building, linking and managing source code for use with his Hieroglyph 3 engine
  • Orange Chair Software Development - Navyman is back from a development break - well a game development break anyways as he needed to switch gears to get the funds to stay afloat while he returned his attention back to Batteline
  • The Seven Tides - kyuubi is looking for feedback regarding whether to use a fixed or a follow camera for their 3rd person perspective
  • newtechnology's Journal - newtechnology shows off what he's been playing around with in Unity to get a feel for the engine
  • arka80's Journal - arka80 shares the first details and video of his new project, a "good old ascii roguelike"
  • Too idiot to make it, too idiot to quit. - desdemian shares the tale of a humorous bug that seems to have partly saved his sanity
  • Journal of mikeman - mikeman says Hyperdrive is nearing the checkered flag, has some more videos and a reminder that you can help alpha test the game

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Gamieon's Journal - Gamieon has yet another entry regarding Windows Phone 8, this time he goes over how he integrated in-app purchases into his Unity game
    • Tutorial Doctor's Journal - Tutorial Doctor takes a look at his own psyche and contemplates gaming as an expression of people's inner issues, both from a player and developer perspective
    • Richards Software Ramblings - ericrrichards22 takes a look at the game dev posts he's made over the past year as he learned DirectX 11 out of the book Frank Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0
    • Magic Pixels - joew announced his project last week with little fanfare to help test the waters for the website, social feeds, etc - but the soft launch also caught an issue that wasn't technical
    • Code Snippets - Shippou shares a "fully functional code example that shows how to do many common tasks with JPanel & JFrame."
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