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Hey everyone. This blog will hopefully detail some of me efforts towards making a Big Procedural Game (tm). I'll post random thoughts and ideas on the procedural generation process as well as some of the design decisions I've made in the engine which will power this whole affair.

My ultimate goals are...
- My own engine in C++ which can run on multiple platforms. (I will happily by using 3rd party libs however! So I can't take credit for everything).
- It will target future hardware so I'm thinking big in many areas.
- It will target HMD play just as much as a classic 2d screen.
- The game will procedurally generate 99% of its content.. from graphics to narrative.
- The procedural generation will have high level constraints the players can put on it to tailor the game to their preferences.
- Profit?

I have a bunch of stuff written down in notebooks over the years so it will be nice to get it properly written up and illustrated here. I lost notebooks and scraps of paper far too often!

Ok everyone that's it for now :)
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That sounds like a very big project. Best of luck, man, I'll be keeping an eye for more updates wink.png

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