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Weekend Reading Back Next Week

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I feel I owe the community a heads up since I normally don't miss posting more than twice in a row. We're in the final stages of cleaning out the house I've lived in since I was 2 so there's lots of crap to move around and get rid off and store and all that fun stuff. Once that's pretty much done next week I can get back to a more normal schedule... until I have to move into the new place sometime in the coming few months. Anyways, the Featured Journals are still being updated and hopefully by now you're all subscribed to the ones you like to follow most. See ya next week with another full wrap up
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I was kinda wondering what had happened to it, but nice to hear it's just a temporary thing.


Good luck with moving! :)

I'm actually going through the early stages of that process myself, so I can definitely sympathize.

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