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Daath Galaxy Trailer, Greenlight & IndieGoGo Launched!

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Indie developer Black Lodge Games has spent the last 6 years working on an epic science fiction role playing game called Daath Galaxy. Now with IndieGoGo, the developer is trying to find funding to do full voice acting for the entire game. The first trailer of the game was recently unveiled to not only make people aware of the game itself, but also to make people aware that Daath Galaxy is now on both Steam Greenlight as well as IndieGoGo.com.

glc.jpg indiegogo-big.jpg

Latest screenshot: Action RPG When Playing Directly As Your Character

Here's an early alpha screenshot from Daath Galaxy of your character fighting a monster. Inside of ships, on planets, in cities or starbases, the game plays kind of like Secret of Mana meets Double Dragon: Neon, of course with the art style as shown in this ALPHA screenshot.

Latest Screenshot: Turned Based RPG With a Twist, When Engaged in Ship VS Ship Combat


Here's an early alpha screenshot from Daath Galaxy, so it does not reflect the final building quality of the game. In this screenshot, we see some of the ship turn based combat. It's like if you took Super Mario RPG mechanics and mixed it with FTL.


Development Overview

  • GAME STATUS: Early Alpha
  • START DATE: Full time since February 17, 2013, part time since May 2008.
  • GENRE: Action RPG (as character) Turned based RPG (In ship combat)

    Development Progress

    • PROGRAMMING: 90% completed (only polishing, quest specific logic, & mini-games left)
    • WRITING: 75% (back story & main questlines completed, side quests in progress)
    • DIALOG: 1% (dialog still needs to be put into manuscript form & recorded, but waiting for writing to be at 100% before assembling the voice team)
    • MUSIC: 75% (30 out of the 40 songs needed are finished)
    • SOUND FX: 25% (a lot of basic sound effects are completed, but most battle & misc sound effects are lacking)
    • ART ASSETS: 60% (space scenes are 100%, but NPCs, planet surfaces, cities, & inside of ships all need a lot work)
    • LEVEL COMPLETION: 55% (The game world is fully defined, but not yet fully actualized.)
    • MINI-GAMES: 35% (Most of the mini-games are fully fleshed out, but lack assets or programming)

      Are You Interested?
      If this game looks cool, and you want to play it, then please considering funding us with even $1 at IndieGoGo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/daath-galaxy-fully-voiced-open-world-sci-fi-rpg/x/8262798 and bookmark http://daathgalaxy.com friend me here on Steam and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Indiedb.com. Also, join our Steam community: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/daathgalaxy or just search for "Daath Galaxy" in Groups. Anyone who shows a real interest will definitely have a beta invitation for later this winter.

      40 Song Original Soundtrack!

      In other news, you can listen to 5 songs from Daath Galaxy right now (out of the 40+ songs that are in the game.) You can listen to all 4 songs here now:

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Is there a reason, or set of reason that you selected Indiegogo over Kickstarter? If so I would enjoy understanding them.



Happy to see that your post is being Featured! More eyeballs on it will raise awareness.


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Oh. So it is not a pledge it is a purchase? When someone puts money towards your project? Do they have a website like Kicktracker?


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I'm not sure about the kicktracker thing.  I tried googling for alternative and found a few things that might fit the bill.  But yes, you have the option to make it an instant purchase, instead of a future pledge.


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Thanks! I went with IndieGoGo for one reason: they let me raise funds immediately through PayPal.


In my opinion, sole reason for using IndieGoGo over Kickstarter should be not from being KS allowed zone.  Or flexible funding option.


Still good luck.



PS : Game reminded me KOTOR smile.png


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No press coverage yet, but then again I wrote up the first press release but decided against syndicating it so it's just sitting there. I'm waiting for the 2nd trailer, which is 100% gameplay, as well as some industry veteran voice actors to finish their work, before I start seeking press coverage. I made several rookie mistakes with the initial trailer/campaign, and I'd like to address those issues before courting the game journalists. I'm looking for more voice actors who have been in released video games, if you know of any.

Unduli, thanks for the comments. My game is influenced heavily by KOTOR, specifically the morality system and dialog choices.

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I would talk to Jesse Cox. He is a YouTuber that is very helpful to devs releasing games.


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Just trying to help other fund raises. I learned a lot when my project failed to make it.


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