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Update 001 - Isometric Perspective

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The Next Update is live at the Windows Phone App Store and http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha. It simply draws everything in an Isometric Perspective. It additionally tweaks the directional input to offset the player direction by 45 degrees. Good news also arrived from Yoyo Games and M$ announcing a partnership which in addition to improving their support on M$ platforms, will allow GameMaker to deploy to an Xbox One. Now, ID@Xbox needs to open up to inexperienced devs and I'll be set. In their announcement, Yoyo Games mentions that it will be up and ready by the fourth quarter. So I want to see how far I get with Chronicle Destiny before Game Maker can export to Xbox One.

But about the update. In the previous build, the presentation is top down. All movement and collisions are calculated like that. The latest update draws each object in a new location and with a different sprite. The new draw location is calculated as follows:



All the walls run this when they are created. the player runs it every step, and so far, it works. This allows me to calculate everything in a plain cartesian grid, where everything is more intuitive, and draw everything in isometric. I just need to make sure the Isometric Sprite makes sense with the Collision Sprite. And because the new angled view, going up in the controls sends the player up-right. Thus I just tweaked it simply by offsetting the direction by 45 degrees.

And that is all about this update. Right now it just basic stuff, so the updates may be done in rapid iteration. But later updates may take more time, especially one I add and polish the artwork. And about the artwork, there is a link on the left in the page that shows artwork I have done for the game. I have recently finished making concept artwork for the population of the town the first story starts. The setting for the first story take place in a town and a nearby farm. I have basically done concepts for half the NPC. Next, I'll work on concepts for the NPC on the farm. The artwork is hosted on Deviant art, and I have embedded their slideshow to show of the artwork. Additionally, the homepage right now has a sketchfab hosted 3d model that I'll use to build 3d models, which I'll use to make the 2d sprites. Eventually I'll have dedicated page just like I have for the artwork, but for now, it is on the homepage.

I guess that is all the relevant stuff. I hope I can keep up with the updates. I plan to add more representative artwork on the next release, and a feature that is critical for gameplay. Which I'll talk about in the next update. Now to clean my room.
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