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Entry 5 of WepWep

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About today:
Now comes the more fun parts! I have actually starting to work with the in-game things like the player ship and bullets. Since the last update I've added bullets along with coins the player is going to pick up to buy upgrades for their ship. Did I mention the ship actually follows the mouse now as well? Because it does... just not very well. It turns out my rusty math skills are causing a little trouble in the game. I so far have not been able to get the ship to behave how i want. It is now somewhere between the edge following the mouse (0, 0 of the image) and the nose of the ship following the mouse. I'm sure I'll have that fixed soon though!

Thoughts for the day:
Always remember to be very careful if you are removing items from a vector that you are iterating through. If you don't do it correctly it can lead to all kinds of strange issues. I've found it is best to avoid this if at all possible.

Today's screenshot:
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If you don't do it correctly it can lead to all kinds of strange issues.

This can be applied to a great many things. However, it is great to see forward movement on your game project.

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