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WOA2: Day 1

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I was up until 3am last night before I remembered I had a Jam to do, and then realized I also had work in the morning... So I slept without knowing the theme, missing my chance to dream up the idea instead of actually thinking about it.

I discovered the theme in the morning. My work day was spent talking to my team-mate Francis about how we could incorporate this into an existing idea that we wanted to do (I done some work as well, obviously... *cough*). We managed it, albeit the story will just have to be that little bit more deranged.

The evening was spent working on the basics of an engine, it's going to be a low-res pixel platformer. And researching art styles, though it will be similar to the last game we made together; with time constraints I didn't want to do anything too experimental. So we'll try and do what we know, really well, instead. So expect a small yet solid, polished game, maybe, hopefully.

I also have Thurs and Fri off work for this jam. Just for that little extra polish.
And Francis quit his job... Not for this, obviously... But it helps! tongue.png

-- Jack.
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