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End of day 4 - TWoA

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Servant of the Lord


Well, things are progressing slowly; this could get ugly as I come down to the deadline. ph34r.png
I still have almost all the gameplay needing to be implemented. ohmy.png

Well, at least the artist is keeping up her end of the deal. laugh.png

Army soldiers:


Mousy soldier:


I also pilfered one of my previous games for music and sound-effects. The previous game was a sci-fi, so the music doesn't fit perfectly, but it'll have to do. Hopefully nobody notices. happy.png
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Very nice artwork. The toy soldiers look especially promising. Better code up SOME sort of gameplay so you don't tick off your hard working artist. smile.png


@riuthamus - The same could be said of you sir... AND HAS BEEN!


- Eck

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@stormy: Yeah, I can't help but think of him (actually, it's a female mouse) as a "gangsta mouse". biggrin.png


@riu, @eck: Reverse ninja-ing, ftw! I was up until 3am last night, and posted it right before I went to bed, so probably pushed down most people's posts... :P

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Just wait until you see the dead mice. Dead mice -> extra cute -> extra win


I animated one of the dead mice to have its foot twitch. :lol:

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