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The Week of Awesome II - Day 7 - Crossing the finish line...

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A fallout style family portrait of the team, drawn by Laurie.

Previous Entry:

This has been a ton of work, but also a ton of fun. Everyone has been working hard, putting in long hours, and it's been really awesome watching how everyone's games have progressed. I think the week was appropriately named.

I could not have made this game without the help and support of my other teammates.

Laurie - Graphics, Sound editing, Sound Finding, Font Finding, Story Writing, Awesome wife!

Kaylee - Morale support, Piggy Sounds, ALL the monster sounds, public relations, Awesome daughter!

Eck(me)- Code Ninja, and Theo voice.

Here is the final* submission for team Still Flying

It's been a long 7 days, but it was worth it. Please make sure you read the instructions.txt in the zip file. I'll be posting those here after my brain leaves the pudding state... Soooo sleepy....
Leave a comment and let us know what you think! And thank you for taking the time to play our game.

- Eck

* - final unless it's broke as hell...[s] But for now, I sleep...[/s] No time for sleep! Time for instructions!

Text files:
Three text files are included in the zip.

  • INSTALLATION_GUIDE.TXT - tells you how to install the prerequisites for XNA.
  • Instructions.txt - Explains how to play the game.
  • Credits.txt - Says who did what and where I got all my sounds/fonts.

    Gameplay Instructions (repeated in Instructions.txt)
    Move camera with Arrow Keys, WASD, or just move the cursor to the edge of the map.
    Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.
    Holding Tab - shows all units stats, but it can get cluttered. You can also toggle it with the Show/Hide stats button.
    Space - speeds up cut-scenes and game play, but watch the cutscene the first play through.
    Be sure to zoom in to check out some of the animations.

    Deploy units phase:
    Monsters deploy at the top of the map. Invade(##)
    Toys deploy at the bottom. Deploy(##)
    ## - is the number of points you have left to buy your forces.
    "buy" units by clicking the named button, cost is listed on the button.

    Left clicking places the unit in your colored deployment zone.
    Right clicking cancels placement.
    You can also pick up a unit you placed and cancel that placement as well for a refund.

    Click End Turn when you're finished. Any left over points will be auto spent.

    Monster Units:
    Greedy - Green tentacles, fast, brittle
    Grumpy - Grey clouds, slow, healthy
    Grouchy - Magenta, Spikey circles,
    Boss - Combo of all 3. Hits hard, lots of health. (Shows up on board 2)

    Toy Units:
    Robot - average guy.
    Bear - short range, healthy, strong
    Piggy Bank - long range, high damage, slow, brittle (A glass cannon har har)
    Toy Car - Fast, no attack, useful for picking up Hope.
    Tank - weak, longrange, healthy

    I love the sound effects on Greedy, Bear, Robot, and especially Piggy. The sniper sound when he shoots a coin out cracks me up.

    Combat Phase:
    The red lines signify how far you can shoot. The white line shows how far you can move this round, Gray, is how far you can move next round. The stat blocks can be toggled on and off by holding TAB or clicking the show/hide button. Each one shows you how much damage you do and whether or not you can attack. It also shows health and time remaining. It takes time to move and turn. There are no fire-arcs yet.

    Left-Click selects units.

    Right-Click orders units to:
    Attack an enemy if you click on him (and he's close enough)
    Move into range of an enemy if you click on him (and he's too far)
    Move if you right click on open ground.

    Moving over a Hope particle gives you a bump in damage, health, speed, and range.
    Toys pick up the Hope and drop it when killed.
    Monsters consume the Hope and it's lost for ever.

    If the monsters eat all the hope, the toys lose.
    If you lose all your units, you lose.

    After the first stage, is a cut scene and a boss fight.

    Losing or Winning tells you so before fading to the picture above.

    Other features:
    This game is actually pretty mod-able thanks to data-driving a ton of stuff.
    You can mess around with the /Data/GameSettingsData.xml to do a variety of things:

    • Change the stats of units
    • Play as the monsters (though I haven't done AI testing from the toys)
    • Or play hot-seat with a friend.
    • Change the look and feel of units, sounds, etc.
    • You can add more waves and detail point values for each one.
    • Technically, you could create new units, but you'd probably need my help navigating the files. smile.png

      A nice intro, a cut-scene for the boss confrontation, and some nice music are but a few of the surprises that await you. (close to all the surprises)

      I'm actually pretty proud of this game now. It's pretty crazy how much has changed during these final days.
      - Eck
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Recommended Comments

He most certainly is not! Team sizes are only permitted to be up to 3. And besides, he did not lift a single paw for the benefit of the team. In fact, it was quite the opposite.


"Meow, (play fetch with me)... Meow..." 

"Meow, (pay attention to me)... Meow..."

"Meow, (quit looking at the light box)... Meow..."

times like a billion....

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I read your postmortem - I was sorry to hear that your wife, your daughter and the cat voted you off the team as the weakest link! Grats mate and the game was it just needs more levels and obstacles such as kid's clothes and other things over the ground to make the tactics even nastier :) I hope you all grab some well deserved rest and that the cat's meows can now be satisfied!

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I'm still working on my post mortem. I've been working on one and saving a draft though. I thought those were private! smile.png


Yeah, I thought about obstacles to make choke points and a cooler battlefield. It was in the first concept to have discarded books and blocks, but the time just wasn't there. It was one of many features that got cut during the process.


If you want, you can actually add more "stages" if you like in the data files. biggrin.png


Oh, and thanks for taking the time to play my game. And for donating to the prize pool. Very generous of you.

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