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Awesome INI Loader C++ Library Launches

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Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my INI library parser. I wrote from scratch and would like to thank the community for their help, writing this library. So whats so good about this library?

  • Lightweight small memory footprint.
  • Easy to modify
  • BSD License
  • Pure C++ mixed with C. (Easy to port)
  • Multiplatform
  • Easy to use error handling system.
  • One pointer does all.
  • Easy to setup with any project.
  • Easy to customize to your project needs. (Want to use "#" for comments? Change separator? Edit one line of code!)

    Im really looking for some testers and input to make this project better for everyone for any application big and small!

    Example code:#include "awesome_ini.h"int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]){ awesome_ini* myIni = new awesome_ini("test.ini"); AWESOME_ERROR_CODES r = myIni->getError(); size_t l = myIni->getErrorLine(); if (r == AWESOME_ERROR_NONE) { printf("Loaded ini!\n"); } else { printf("Failed! %i %i\n", r, l); } char value[AWI_MAX_VALUE_NAME_LENGTH]; AWESOME_INI_KEY_TYPE t = myIni->getKey(value, "test", "hello"); printf("Variable Type: %i - Variable Value: %s\n", t, value); getchar(); return 0;}
    If anyone has any questions or would like to help port this library to other languages let me know! smile.png


    Thank you!

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