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The Harvest: Aftermath

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So, after the end of the contest: Byte, Goss, and myself decided to move on with the project we had started. Telanor eventually joined as well and has been working on some of the more important systems. So what has been completed since the end of the contest?

  • Ful rewrite of all code (it was sloppy and NOT condusive to a quality game)
  • Optomization of all the core gameplay elements
  • Created tools for development
  • Established concrete prefab guidlines (for unity)
  • Added weather systems
  • Added gathering of crops
  • Added chopping down of crops
  • Added indicators for visual info related to crop status
  • Added tomagachi AI
  • Added presistancy for NPC's
  • Added AI for NPC's
  • Reworked farmer mesh to be more (clean) with animations
  • Reworked farmer bones to match Unity guidlines (was not done before due to my lack of knowledge on the system)
  • Reworked core Farmer texture (you will see pictures in this post)

    As you can see we have been really busy. The goal is to setup a "content" week in the next few weekends to push some serious stuff to the game. Once we are complete we plan to run with the game and get some play testing in place. So for now this is what I leave you with!

    Tell me what you think is better:

    OPTION 1

    OPTION 2
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Well, either model will have the hat and some straw for a toothpick! :P The face and the style of it is more what I want to have people look at. Thanks for the nice comments!

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