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Beta Version 0.6

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Beta Testers,

I've got an updated build for you, iOS and Windows. Version 0.6 has the following fixes:

  • Improved hover information for items:

    • The item name is red if you can't use it.
    • The item name is yellow if you aren't proficient.
    • Weapons display their attack damage.
    • Armor displays the defense bonus.

    • Warning if you try to buy an item you can't use, or are not proficient.
    • Warning if you try to wield a non-proficient item.
    • On the inventory screen, show the actor's attack bonus, attack damage, and defense bonus.
    • Reduce shield penalties so it sometimes makes sense to wield a shield even if you aren't proficient.
    • Add a '-' button to the attribute screen so you can adjust attributes without totally resetting.
    • Make the whole party the default selection, instead of just the first actor.
    • Allow 'y' and 'n' keys to work on some dialogs.
    • Skip "1. Done" in talk dialogs
    • Leaving the Smithy took 8 hours of game time (oops!).
    • On iOS, show the title for dialog boxes.
    • On the actor info screen, show the Singing and Wands bonuses (if non-zero).
    • Fix some items and spells so the name is not truncated in the hover.
    • Fix faction names so they aren't truncated on the actor info screen.
    • Display a dialog when an enemy surrenders to make it more clear what has happened.
    • When someone surrenders, cancel all attack orders against him.
    • Fix a pathfinding bug with using objects. For instance, the bed in the first house.
    • If HP go negative due to a non-damage spell (poison or whatever), the actor should die immediately.

      A couple of other bugs came up:

      • I didn't totally fix the pathfinding issue... more work needed.
      • If there is only one actor in the party, default selection should be him, not the party.
      • Potions can affect more than just the user. (Courage is where I noticed this).
      • Lights that are hidden behind a closed door are still providing illumination.

        However, I wanted to get a build out to you guys, so I am still working on those.

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