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Returning to form?

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CC Ricers


What's going on everyone! I haven't touched this journal (or this website) for over a year. I also had a blog that I stopped updating for just as long. For those followers that still remember me, you might be wondering what has happened?

Well, during the time here when I was game coding and taking about coding, I was working freelance as a web developer for a year. That hasn't gone well with me since running my own business hasn't been one of my strengths nor my interests. I did it because I had to get by somehow, during my long search for a full time job, but projects were so short and infrequent that I sometimes went weeks without work. Last spring I finally got a full time job, and that took away time and focus to other hobbies such as computer modding, as well as improving my own finances. And unfortunately that means putting off my game development projects.

Now I'm back because well, I no longer have that job >_> The company I was with had financial difficulties so they made tough choices I wasn't happy about. Not exactly a new thing to me. I've worked for a few startups before, that, for one reason or another, implode somewhere along the way. However I did get some good web dev experience out of it, especially with Javascript (once considered my weak point). Hopefully my job hunt now will go much quicker than last time.

So while I'm keeping an eye on my own budget, I decided to get back into the C#/XNA programming I was familiar with. This also means I am taking a new angle.
Previously I was focusing a lot on making a graphics engine. Going back where I left off, I was going to be making a shooter game. So I want to focus on making a complete game, and it doesn't hurt to add some polish to it near the end. The graphics engine is a tool I can now add to my arsenal for making a game and it's very likely I'll use it here. My start on the new game will begin with the next journal entry.
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Sorry to hear about the tough circumstances, but good to see you back none-the-less!  It's tough trying to make it as a freelancer! :)

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Sorry to hear about the tough circumstances, but good to see you back none-the-less!  It's tough trying to make it as a freelancer! smile.png


Thanks for the feedback!

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