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Trigger Saint!

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My project finally has a name... Trigger Saint!

I have made many changes and it is somewhat playable ,I really like what i have so far.
An early version is now up on the steam workshop for some testing and feedback, stop by and give it a thumbs up!


Below I have also included the updated title screen and recent patch notes, enjoy!


Nov. 19th

-Added two new items, the "Vitality Stone" and the "Old Scope"
-"Vitality Stone" raises your max health by 10 while in your inventory.
-"Old Scope" raises your attack by 5 while in your inventory.
-Added three new songs.

Nov. 17th
-Re-opened level 3
-The Omega Blade mod is now available,send sharp spinning blades towards your enemies! Available on level 3
-More AI tweaks.
-Aded level 2 scouts (Blue), much faster than their red cousins and harder to kill.
-Small changes to levels 1 and 2.
-Added new particle effects.
-Updated title screen.

Nov. 15th
-As requested arrow keys can now be used to move, the 1-3 keys on the num pad can now be used for inventory slots 1-3 (Only if "Num Lock" is activated).
-I still recommend using WASD as they are closer to the "T","R" and "F" keys.
-Mouse icon no longer dissapears on game restart.
-Levels one and two have been tweaked.
-AI has been tweaked.
-Closed down level 3, should be finished and back open by tomorrow.
-Made changes to level 1 and 2.
-Made changes to enemy AI.
-Added new enemy, Corrupted Orb.They don't move but they pack a punch, don't get too close or they will explode!

Nov. 13th
-Removed screen shake, it needs to be tweaked!
Along with the lighting this could be the cause of the crash bug for some. I have removed any room size sensitive objects/controllers to see if any improvements can be made for multiple display resolutions.
-Removed lights and darkness from starting temple room.
-Nano Mites now costs 5 spirit to cast.
-Added "Books" These will be scattered throughout the levels.Find em and learn more about the magical world of Trigger Saint and it's history. Who knows... some books might increase player stats and abilities.
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