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Global Illumination - Emmision - With Gifs!

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So after a long battle with an invisible enemy, I defeated the evil bug, with some awesome help from the forums! ( kudos to bact and the gd chat! ):

So below theres a gif that shows a mantis ( thats what theyre called right? ) floating. The mantis emits a color without any lighting hitting it, as seen at the bottom of the grass.

This doesnt seem very difficult, but the problem was that over the few past days I was tyring to figure out a bug, which turned out to be a blending issue. Anyway, the result!


  • I made it look eye candy ( for me atleast ), so the tone mapping is slightly ... wrong tongue.png
  • The background changes a bit because of luminance adaptation, because the object is seriously bright, emission is at max.


    Until next times fellas!


    Yes yes, feed my children, feed! Feed! FEEED!

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Have you solved your "discotheque" problem ?


Nope, although Im not complaining!

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