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Computer Programming: Disorganized Complexity

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Tutorial Doctor


The one thing that has plagued me is the disorganized complexity of the whole computer programming situation.

Gist, Gits, Stack Overflow, Gamedev.net, IRC freenode, branches, forks, etc.

There are a billion ways to do a billion things.

I called it all "Disorganized Complexity."

It seems I wasn't the first to coin the phrase:


A quote from the passage:
[quote]Disorganized Complexity[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Lucida Grande']

as a system with zillions of disconnected parts, operating in random fashion, and their interaction is chaotic and predictable - not based on intentional engineering, but through probability and chance computations


I have been wondering if there is a way to organize this complexity.
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