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Gotta start somewhere

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Hello curious dwellers of gamedev, I'm much like you  :) 

I'm making a game that will run in a web browser, chrome for the best experience, and the game's going to try to be a lot of things.
the game wants to be cool, awesome and wicked, basically one of those games that you would be excited to tell your friends about.
It's this excitement I speak of that fuels my creativity.
There is a lot to this idea and writing about it, boring you with pages of reading material, will put me to sleep.


I like big ideas, especially if they're my big ideas, unless of course your idea is bigger.
I have a cat, he eats a lot.

------------------------------------------------ THE GAME ------------------------------------------------

For now I just refer to it as the game. I have a title in mind, but it's written on a piece of paper locked in a safe somewhere.

The entry image is suppose to be a world. As of right now you can pan around it, rotate your view and zoom in and out of the world. A box moves along the surface, and you can make what I call 'walls'. nifty.

I'm using Three.js and node.js,


I'll have more in the future.

Thanks for taking a peek.



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