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Tile maps and scrolling

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This is just an update on where I'm at with my current game prototype/tech-demo/thing about distorting space


The physics engine I made that powers the distorting world is, at best, finicky. It *was* working perfectly... until the character started getting stuck on vertical tile corners.

So I spent the week getting the tilemaps to convert to edge geometry that outlines the shapes and has no extra vertices to get stuck on. It was one of those beautifully happy moments that you get when you've been thinking about a problem for a couple hours, and then you're like "wait a minute! I don't have to worry about efficiency! I can just shove all of this processing into the loading screen, and get away with horrendously slow code! [victory air punch]" So I did. The algorithm has, at this point, a theoretic complexity of O(scary), but that's fine. Nothing livens up your day more than knowing that you'll never, ever have to worry about the efficiency of a piece of code. It's a real weight off the shoulders, no? smile.png

So it's starting to look more and more like a platformer. I still need art. I still need actual programming skill, and I wish I was smart enough to actually fix the physics engine, but, alas, I'll have to make due.

On another note, I've decided that, as a fun little way to keep a bug list, in addition to showing a video about the progress being made every journal entry, I'll also include a couple of the biggest/most recent/most hilarious bugs that've popped up since last time. Because I for one embrace both my code and my own imperfections, and, honestly, I probably wouldn't keep a bug report of my project if I didn't commit myself publicly anyways tongue.png

Here's a video, and the bugs begin at 0:47

Thanks for reading watching and stuffs!

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Needs more blackholes.


Too true that, bro. A platformer's not a platformer without loads of instadeaths.


I actually haven't thought about that, but a back hole would be both really cool visually, and it would really fit mechanically. I'll have to start thinking about that stuffs!



neat.  I'll be watching to see what you do with it.



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