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Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

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[font=arial]Iterate, iterate, iterate.

Here is a Super Meat Boy replay that composites the player's 100 attempts to get through the level, all of them dying somewhere along the way except the final attempt when he got it right.

If anything, games have taught us to keep playing, keep trying, keep learning, and eventually we'll get it.[/font]



[font=arial]The previous prototypes were quite unplayable, and so rather worthless as a tool for generating a discussion. So now I have changed the control mechanism, and focused on some sort of tutorial and outlining the goals for the player.[/font]


[font=arial]This new version is at least 100% better than the last. If this rate continues it will be the best game ever by the end of the year.[/font]


[font=arial][color=#000000]This[/color][color=rgb(0,0,0)] new prototype (click the link!)[/color][color=#000000] is the fir[/color]st I would consider "playable". It is still far from feature-complete. But I believe it conveys the core game-play well. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.[/font]




  • [font=arial]Could you see this becoming a fun / addictive casual game? How could it be improved?[/font]

  • [font=arial]Could you see these mechanics as a base to illustrate the growth of an economy and the corruptive influence of capital on politics?[/font]

  • [font=arial]Any cool ideas how to let the player influence the voting process?[/font]

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