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Revel Immortal 12/2 Update

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Greetings All,

Things have been coming along quite well; and while I could go into the nitty gritty detail; I think it is better to just show some progress.


so, what I have here to show is Revel Immortal v22e --that is the 5th pre-release revision of v22.

Like before, this is not an actual truly public revision, but rather a sneak peek for those who are interested.

As usual you are going to find it horribly unfinished, buggy, broken, etc.

I hate to have to keep saying that, but everytime I don't, someone invariably asks why X does or doesn't do Y biggrin.png

Ok, disclaimer aside here it is:


On a further note; it occurs to me that there are some people who are interested in the nitty gritty of development.

So I have setup a bugs database with public anonymous view/report access; we are going to be using this for furture internal reporting of bugs/features and the paper trail that comes with them.

If anyone wishes to submit bugs that they find (or feature requests), that would be a great help.

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