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Age of Rogues: Planning

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So, prototype has been done and I received a few favorable comments about it, now it's time to decide what to do next, and I decided I want to make a game out of it. A real game, with a decent level of polish, if possible.

I ran the prototype and made a list of all the things I would like to change in order to release a 0.1 version:

  • Major refactor: nothing user can see, but latest iterations of the prototype have made the code a mess!
  • Original art: I always thought that players deserve to find original art in a game. Games with ripped graphics are like songs made out of samples from other songs. Age of Rogues will born with original programmer art.
  • Better look for dialogs: seriously, they need...
  • Use of mouse: this implies the use of buttons and icons, not only keyboard shortcuts (that will remain)
  • Actual maps generators: at the moment world map is an empty grassy plain, areas are grass with trees tossed here and there, and dungeons are the same but with rocks. I want at least a world map with consistent mountains, hills and forests, and an area map that reflects the real world's tile terrain. Generators are a thing that I will improve at every release, but I really need to start somewhere.
  • Monsters in dungeons.
  • Obelisks in dungeons.
  • Titlescreen
  • Background music. A single track of original music (I am a sort of musician, luckily).

    At least, these are the elements that make me think at a game.

    I'm spending a bit of time making the art (and finding a consistent style), but with gameplay and contents already made I don't have the usual bad feeling of being wasting time. I opted for a cuboid-pixel art, keeping the same palette of the free tileset I used.

    Below is how the "choose your character" screen looks like at the moment (yes, clouds are moving). Bye!


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