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List of things done and things to come

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So this game has been a hobby of mine and I've set certain goals over the year and have achieved each one so far. We'll see how long this can go on for.

Accomplished goals

- create algorithm to generate an icosahedron of any number of faces (divisible by 80):

with my own algorithm I figured that I would be better able to manipulate the icosahedron and thus better able to use the algorithm to create dynamic worlds.  future goal: create a more realistic dynamically generated worlds

- allow camera to move around world/sphere freely. Thus no real 'UP' direction other than that which is relative to the cameras view.
- allow something similar to a camera hot key. Basically allowing the user to assign views(camera zoom and location) and retrieve them with ease.
- create a box and have the box move along the sphere while sticking to the terrain of the sphere. Kind-of simulating gravity I guess.
- select starting and ending points and generate a 'wall' of some size that contours to the surface of the world.
- create server and client sides. client in browser, server in terminal and have the two of them talking with each other successfully.
- create many servers all talkin to each other.
- synchronize the experience of any browser with the server when the browser regains focus.
- come up with potential name and logo for the game.

As you can see some pretty basic stuff. But I'm teaching myself as I go.

Future Goals (short term ~ early new year)

- box collision detects with walls and other world obstacles (this part should be easy as the box already collision detects with the sphere.)
- box uses a combination of dropping nodes and pathfinding between nodes to learn and navigate around its world. (I've already created a simple pathfinding algorithm for a different game I made and now just need to feed it up.)
- develop user registry/login and game session retrieval. To allow users to participate in my game of course.
- and then much much more.

Check out my first album with some pictures and little blurbs about each.





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