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Programming and Finals

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Final exams and final projects and stuff have been happening lately, so I haven't had much time to work on the game the past week :(

So, the little bit that I got done were textures. I'm using some guy's tileset for preliminary testing and such:

The tiles warp decently. The jaggies on the edges are kinda annoying to look at, but it's okay for now. Ultra-major bugs have been fixed, just needs some smoothing out now.

On another note, I think I really do like including bugs in the videos I post here. Sometimes I have trouble wording or describing the things that you have to do to reproduce a bug, so videos are a good solution to that. On top of that, they're pretty fun to watch and be like "wait, what?" when a tiny little piece of the game just shatters for no reason :)

So here's a video of what the debug level looks like now, bugs start at 0:38 or so


Thanks for reading and watching and stuff!
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I like it.  I wonder if your environmental manipulation abilities will be modified with the real game.  Maybe the player will slowly gain newer and newer abilities?  Maybe only certain blocks can be manipulated?  maybe different blocks can be manipulated in different ways?


cool stuff.  

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I *would* like to have static objects, what you were talking about, that aren't manipulated by the warping, but it becomes complicated when there are other blocks around that can. You'd start overlapping blocks, and then physics just completely breaks :(


I don't know, there's a bunch of directions it could take. I have a few ideas, namely:

- Enemies/Bosses/Missiles with their own space warping mechanic

- getting a second warping ability partway through the game (like, for the right mouse button or something)

- dynamic objects like boxes that aren't affected by the warping, enemies that aren't affected, etc

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