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Compiling OpenAL, ogg/vorbis and libpng for Android

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Saturday update:

So I've successfully compiled OpenAL-soft, ogg/vorbis decoder and libpng on Android platform. That makes it very cross platform-ish. You can now use the same C++/OpenGL/OpenAL code for iOS, Android, Blackberry, PC, Mac, WebGL etc.

Basic idea is to write custom callbacks for ogg/vorbis and libpng in order to override their default file input system. The custom callbacks redirect file I/O calls from ogg/vorbis and libpng to memory streams.

ogg sound format is open source and patent free. png files are also used almost everywhere in games.

Tiny bit platform specific wrappers have to be written specially for android's weird asset management, but all that has been included in the source code below.

Note: While developing this module I did research on the net and used maybe small amount of GLP3 code somewhere {I think links are given where appropriate}. So please use this code as a study guide ONLY and then maybe write your own for final release.

Try out the android apk:

Download the source code:
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