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Custom 2D Engine updates

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Some Cool Updates:

Time to show off a very initial stage tech demo for my "Custom Super Uber 1337 2D Game Engine" :) . I've successfully ported the engine to iOS, Android and HTML5 {download links below}. Everything appears to be working perfectly on all platforms, even the sound and filing system. This tech demo makes heavy use of Processes {cooperative multitasking}. There still a LOT of missing stuff but I call it a day for the engine and really want to work on the actual gameplay. For the first game i'll keep it something very very simple.

Feel free to try out the demos and give feedback. Since I don't have a developer blog yet, you can follow my Facebook profile for future updates, I'll make gamedev related posts public.

As mentioned above the Engine is on really diverse platforms : iOS, Android and HTML5. It works on almost All resolutions by creating letter boxes around gameplay screen. In theory porting to Windows, MacOS, Linux, even blackberry should not be that hard once a very tiny amount of glue code is written. I'll do that in the next game, not this time!

Currently present engine features:
1) Sprite batching
2) Texture Atlas
3) Game state management
4) Process manager
5) Message Manager
6) I/O Manager {small glue codes for various platforms}
7) Resource Manager
9) OpenAL based sound manager {which appears to be working everywhere lol }

Missing engine features:
Lot of features are missing but i'll implement them after releasing a simple game.
1) Scene graph management
2) Actor management
3) Particle system
4) Far more efficient rendering pipeline
5) Proper pipeline for creating animations. Right now I just used raw processes. They are extremely powerful but.. well... RAW, hence very PAINFUL!
6) Importing skeletal animations, or even tweeted 2D animations directly from the all powerful Blender 3D's animation editor {that is: writing a collada parser !}
7) Use Blender 3D as a level editor

Demos: Feel free to try out and give feedback

iOS (Only Video available):

Android APK:

HTML5 WebGL: This may take a while to load, to please be patient

Happy coding.. and now let's finish the DAMN game !!!
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