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Caveman 3.0 beta 13 released!

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Norman Barrows


Caveman 3.0 beta 13 released!

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New for beta 13:






* abandon current hut and take over this one: they will lose all dropped objects at the old hut!
when hut is abandoned, instead of asking player if they want to abandon their old hut and take this one over,
create an abandoned hut world object that weathers away over time.
player can take it over at any time.
abandoned hut actions: takeover, inspect, demolish.
added abandoned_hut object, and takeover, inspect, and demolish actions for abandoned_huts
* remove non-hostiles over time when game speed > 128x
* increased volume of smallherd_takehit.wav
* fixed defend ai: now only attacks if tgt is within 50.
* tutor: automatically stops cross country movement when the player first finds water, food, and rocks.
* audio: fixed: didn't check for voice ptr=0 in voice is playing
* doesn't switch to action ani fast enough? was calling startani with params reversed!
* fixed: cave hyena attak sfx is lame
* fixed: by coding convention, all startani and setani routines now use model,ani as the parameter order.
all calls to start or set anis changed to use model,ani parameter order throughout the code, including the Zlib.
* fixed: thief dialog not triggering. was going into "comon ai: target is near: fight or flight" first. and approaching thieves are friendly
cavemen who don't attack band members. so it would run up to the player to attack, but not attack them, and never trigger the
dialog. common ai has been modified so thieves whose target is cm0 dont go into fight or flight, giving them a chance to trigger
the dialog.
* improved modeling of full fatigue for band members, cavemen, and animals: movement rate changed from zero to 1/2 walking speed.
attacks changed from not allowed to allowed with 1/2 damage and a minimum of 1 dp. jump changed to initial vertical velocity cut in
* fixed: band member y not set when moving following band members in cross country movement. adjust_bandmember_location only set
band member y if it actually adjusted location due to collision with terrain or other entity. now it always sets band member y after first
making any necessary adjustments to location.
* select_object and shift_select_object now sort on name AND quality
* random_music plays song #0 (intro music) less often
* savanna grass size cut by 1/3. height cut by 1/2.
* input split into fps mode, action mode, and anytime mode. anytime mode input now available during action mode.
* improved camera angle for action mode animations
* band member AI: follow band member: now stops at range 10, not 20.
* game plays random grunt sfx more often
* increased find time for reeds
* increased find time for flint
* fixed: not always starting animal anis correctly when adding new animals to the simulation.
* fixed: not setting action anis for BMs other than current BM.
* fixed: lockup in bandmember_in_way_of_bandmember when BM #2 crossed into next map sq from BM #1. replaced iterator with good old
fashioned for loop. works fine now. unsure what was wrong with original code. but new code should be bullet-proof.
* fixed: move action not set ani correctly. set_action_ani was using male walk ani for both sexes. move action was using female walk ani
for females. made females switch anis all the time. set_action_ani now used both male and female walk anis. call to set ani in move()
procedure turned off. action anis are now set just before draw if needed.
* fixed: animal attacking interrupts bm leaving shelter. make BMAI automatically leave shelter if needed with no action required.
* animal AI: dont stop to rest if attacking or fleeing. make rest a lower priority action. rest moved from highest to lowest priority
common AI action.
* fixed: friendly cavemen following their leader, they dont stop! was using rng to wander point, not rng to leader for stopping.
* game automatically sheaths BM's wpn when they start an action
* change ani cam view to looking at BM from their right
* better savanna grass (changed scale AGAIN! now at 1.0 1.0 1.0)
* changed stop action to "X" key. now ESC works during action mode to pull up the ingame menu.
* default learn ani set to find.ani for now.
* option to turn off music so player can play their own via winamp etc.
* sleep action ani: draw them higher off the ground

please send feedback to rockland@rocklandsoftware.net
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