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Pixel Space Horror UI Update

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Most of the last few days has been spent putting together some necessary UI elements. I'm trying to keep the game pretty UI-lite, but there's no avoiding some things.

First, the level selection screen or "lobby." Right now we're assuming all the levels are unlocked, which is definitely not the start state. There are some graphical flares that don't get represented in a screenshot: stars randomly twinkle and the moons rotate around their parent planets.


Then there's the squad selection screen, where the player selects which units will go into combat. Will probably need a bit of text to tell the player what to do. But it's fully functional - you can drag units into the squad and they will be represented in battle!


And finally, the basic cinematic text dialog. Most of the story is going to be represented by one or two sentences at the beginning/end of each mission. This isn't an RPG - it's a tactics game, and the story is not a driving focus.


It all needs a little love. More flares, tweaked layout, definitely a better font. But it's functional, which right now is the most important part!

Pixel Space Horror Tumblr
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