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Revel Immortal Update 12/29

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Hi all, sorry for the long space between updates again ...between the holiday season; and some particularly hard problems it makes for some good radio-silence.

So where to start ...my co-developers Brian Matthys [twitter]Brian_Matthys[/twitter] (a comp-sci student and aspiring game programmer) has been working on some various tasks in Revel Immortal.

Notably the start of the settings dialog:


Part of this work was implementing a class to wrap functionality of the HTML5 localStorage API, so that we can store settings per-browser.

I however, have been working on a particularly tough nut to crack; that is Containers/Stores:

The system, as designed, allows for both loot containers (chests) of various types; as well as vendor stores; which have simple micro-economys; that govern how much capital a vendor has to purchase items from the player; and of course what items the vendor carries, and the rate at which those items are restocked, relative to the passage of time in the game world.

All the difficulty (as usual) stems from the fact that Revel Immortal is expansionable that is, we can change and add to it over-time with minimal effect to player save games in the field.

When it comes to containers and stores, this mostly deals with accounting for item duplication, and restocking record; keeping enough data in the persistent game state, without creating a burdensome paper-trail that would make changes hard, and needlessly grow the file size.

There are a number of tasks that depend on the ability to have items in containers, so this is somewhat of a blocker to other easier tasks; the sooner I can get it licked, the sooner we can move on.

Oh... I almost forgot, we're also having a sale for the holidays, all of our games (plus the early access full license for Revel Immortal) are 50% off for a limited time: http://edigames.com
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