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The Beginning

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  1. Hey fellow game devs and those who came here for any other reason!

    This is my journal for the development of Astari, an open world text-adventure. I started working on the game more than a year ago, but stopped at some point. A few months ago I looked at some of my old stuff and wanted to continue working on this. The problem was that I already forgot what half of the classes did and had a whole new idea for managing some things, so I decided to rewrite the game.
    The purpose of this journal is to keep track of what I've done as well as to keep me motivated.

    Astari is an open world text adventure in which you can travel the world, finish quests and epic storylines, fight battles and collect treasure and become stronger. The game is coded to be easily expandable, but I am no artist, so don't expect art. I'm also not a very good programmer, so dont expect clever code or anything. But I hope to get better at programming (and writing) with this game.

    The current state of the game:
    Right now not even all fundementals are done, but the most important things like traveling and combat are working (though there's nowhere to travel). Quests should be working, but are yet to be tested. There is no balancing, not at all. Expect your spells to do 50 damage or 1 damage, I have no idea.

    And here is the current idea and todo list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uEZknzRyAJYiR0WiLuIa-09EyPatqcRGuGUP_9-slrw

    I will probably post a new entry every 2 or 3 days, maybe daily. (depends on how much I get done, if it's just debugging I wont post here)

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