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Grappling Hooks in Non-Euclidean-Land

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Oi there again!

I don't know how accepted it is to post 2 entries here so close together (like, 15 hours or so apart). I assume it's like double posting, but don't worry, I'll be quick.

I read last night Aardvajk's blog post about the grappling hook idea going under,

, and I started thinking about how grappling hooks tend to work really well in 2D but not in 3D and-- wait a minute... my prototype is in 2D!

So I said "what the hell" and whipped up a quick little demo into the non-euclidean prototype. A natural opposite of the grappling hook, which involves pulling yourself closer to other objects in most games like a hookshot, would be to pull the other geometry to you instead. It's basically a restricted form of the exact same mechanics I've been playing with so far, except it makes a whole lot more sense conceptually. Tell me what you think of it!

Here's a quick little video of me playing around with it. Sorry about the odd resolution, I'm trying to get OBS to work well on my new laptop.

Shoutouts to Aardvajk for grappling hooks, and for prototyping ideas publicly for other people like me to steal ph34r.png
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That looks very cool, never saw anything like that on games before. I cant imagine how to handle collisions on that thing.

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I cant imagine how to handle collisions on that thing.


At least a month and a half of tears and early hair loss, that collision handling was. I'd do it again if I had the choice, though smile.png


Thanks for the kind words! I'm not very good at making video games, so the support from people here on GameDev are really what keep me working at it.

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The first thing that ran through my mind when I saw this in action was "the physics must've been a bitch to implement". Looks crazy awesome though!

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