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Trigger Saint In The Greenlight!

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Good News! Trigger Saint is now on Steam Greenlight! come on by and cast your vote!

It's been a while since I have made a post here about Trigger Saint so I thought it was about time for some updates, Trigger Saint is looking better than ever and has lot's of new changes.I have included a new Trigger Saint trailer some new sreenshots, a picture of the updated title screen and a load of patch notes!

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']Enjoy And Happy Holidays![/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']New Trigger Saint Trailer[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']New Title Screen[/font][/color]


[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']Screenshots[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS'][color=rgb(34,34,34)][font='Helvetica Neue'][sharedmedia=gallery:images:5990][/font][/color][/font][/color]



Trigger Saint Patch Notes
December 26th

More polishing with this new holiday patch, lot's of updated artwork a new Kuna Module and floating background debris!
I am very excited for the future of Trigger Saint and I hope you are too!

-Added new sound effects for enemy weapons.
-NUM keys can no longer be used for items.
-Changed sound effects for Saint's primary and secondary fire.
-Omega Blades animations have been updated.
-Floating background debris added to levels 1-4.
-Updated the first boss design, he looks a little different now.
-Updated Skill Screen artwork.
-Player movement has been tweaked a bit.

What to expect in the next patch
-"Kuna Musket Kits" with these kits you will be able to alter the look of your Kuna musket!
-"Secret rooms and locations", further exploration will reveal secret areas and hidden rooms.
-New enemy types, New bosses and new items

-Options and Credits screens.

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']Trigger Saint Patch Notes[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']December 12th[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added new skill "overdrive" Increases your spirit recharge rate, one time upgrade. Cost, 600 skill points[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-"Musket Mastery" skill now costs 400 skill points instead of 300.[/font][/color]
-Added new item the "Hero's Medal" Increases your attack by 5 while in your inventory.
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added floating background debris to level one.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added new floor and wall tiles to the hidden temple areas.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added new floor tiles to levels two and four.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added three new songs.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Many other minor changes.[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']Trigger Saint 1.06 Patch Notes[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-This patch won't include many big changes but lots of small ones, I wanted to go back and polish up previous levels/enemies before adding new ones.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-I have spent a lot of time the past couple days working on the enemy wall-glitch bug[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']and I think I finally have it fixed. You might still encounter this problem, if you do let me know.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Secondary fire and "Spirit Mines" will no longer bring your spirit into the negative.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added portal switches to levels 1, 2, and 4.These switches must be activated before certain portals will open.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']I will be adding switches to level 3 in the next patch.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Made small changes to all levels, added new obstacle area to the end of level 2.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Spirit mines now cost 3 spirit to cast instead of 5.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-I have redone the cloud generators, makes for faster work flow and also reduces game lag.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-I will be making a new post within the hour about "Trigger Saint" lore.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-The next patch is going to include new enemies, new levels and new items. Stay Tuned![/font][/color]

Trigger Saint 1.05 Patch Notes

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']DECEMBER 3rd[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Stamina will no longer drain while holding shift and standing still.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Made more font changes.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added secret portal in the tutorial room, if you figure out how to power it up you can skip through the tutorial room.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Saint's primary shot got a complete make-over, it now has it's own animations and looks much better.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-The floater enemy now shoots missiles, new artwork for the missiles as well.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-All enemy designs have had their legs removed, and the artwork for most of them has been redone.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']They are floating chaos machines, just was a gut feeling to remove the legs.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Enemy AI has been tweaked.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added new shrapnel animations for enemy death/explosion.[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']Trigger Saint 1.04 Patch Notes[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']NOVEMBER 29th[/font][/color]

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added intro level, this will help players learn controls.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added floating switches, when off they will flash yellow, when on red.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']Shoot these to turn them one.Who knows what these will unlock, it's up[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']to you to find out.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Updated the artwork for the info box.[/font][/color]
-Updated title screen artwork.
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Changed game fonts.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added teleporter inactive text.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Player must now be stationary to read notes,books and item info.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-New smoke animations.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Other level changes.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-New Skill (Focus) slows enemy bullets, cost: 400 skill points. [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Musket Mastery now costs 300 skill points. [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Updated the skill screen. [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Some level tiles have been updated. [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Skill screen now displays items collected and levels completed. [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-"Meditation Stations" have replaced the upgrade computer. Press the "F" key when near one of these shrine-like stations to access your upgrades. Look for the smoking incense! [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Spirit tanks now refill your spirit completely. [/font][/color]

Trigger Saint 1.03 Patch Notes

[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-I changed Trigger Saints design a tad and tweaked his animations.He now has a split in his visor.His angle is more apparent.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Started working on the skill screen artwork.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Omega Blades now have their own particles.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Removed shadows from spirit mines.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Spirit Mines will now circle the player, this seems much more useful as before they just flew about. Summoning up a few of these before a fight can protect you from those enemies that get too close. These work great when combined with the battle shield.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-I have changed all of the transmute amounts to better balance the game.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Most minor items now transmute for 10-25 skill points, Mods 50-100.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Transmute amounts are now shown in item descriptions.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-You no longer need to be on top of an item to pick it up.Masks and distances modified.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added 4th level with boss battle! Give it a run![/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added new item "Spirit Stone" add 10 to your max spirit while in your inventory.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font='Trebuchet MS']-Added start button sound.[/font][/color]
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Recommended Comments

You got quite a nice amount of responses on your Greenlight page in just a few days. Nice to see that people are interested.


I can't say anything regarding gameplay, but at least aesthetically the game looks really sexy, dayum!


Best of luck with the Greenlight, and happy holidays! :D

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