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Pixel Space Horror Pre-Alpha Demo

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Update 4: Pre-Alpha Demo

[background=rgb(252,252,252)]I wanted to put together a small web build, mostly for friends to evaluate. If you want to try, [/background]

[/font][/color]here's the link.[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Verdana]

[background=rgb(252,252,252)] I'm not putting it up in Playtesting yet - it's a little early to get a huge number of eyes on it. Feel free to leave any comments/feedback. Pointing out bugs isn't as useful at this stage, as it has plenty.[/background]



[background=rgb(252,252,252)]My goal with this demo was to just make a small slice of representative gameplay. To that end, there are:[/background]


  • 5 levels
  • 5 available units
  • A handful of different enemies
  • Stub UI - this definitely isn't anywhere near complete



    [background=rgb(252,252,252)]None of the numbers/unit stats are final, and the levels definitely still need tweaking. The "story" will get edited, but the jokes in there are pretty close to what the game's humor will be like. The UI flow will be similar, but I've scheduled in a lot of time for heavy polish.[/background]



    [background=rgb(252,252,252)]Features not even remotely represented:[/background]


    • Unit unlocking - you don't actually start with 5 units
    • Level ratings - you'll get stars based on how well you do
    • Multiple win conditions - not every mission requires you just kill everything



      [background=rgb(252,252,252)]So far I've only put it in front of one other person. She tells me there are some crash bugs (I have yet to see them myself). She also tells me it's pretty easy. It is only the first 5 levels though, so being pretty easy is kinda the point. Oh, and please forgive the font. I'll be changing that ASAP.[/background]




      [background=rgb(252,252,252)]Anyway, lots of forward progress! I'll probably have an alpha build before the month's end which I'll push out to more people.[/background]

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That looks really nice. You can definitely see a game in this. :) Congratulations sir.

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