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Some random stuff

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As you can see, there are some changes to the graphics, since my artist finished the first drawing. Spend half my time today changing the level generator so it would choose the right wall type, but when I finished, I realized I would need to do it again since a bit of floor is showing outside of the walls, because I was to lazy to have separate tiles for the bottom and top walls at the end of the room.

But for the things I achieved today. I mainly did a bunch of random stuff:

  • Swords now actually do something while wielded
  • You can take off armor and weapons
  • You can drink the potions, they heal you
  • Lizards now have a different map (its seen from the front, since I see no other way to fix that
  • Armor now has letters as well as a slot name (used to take it off)
  • Some utility functions: Remove from inventory by letter, remove from inventory by identity, remove wielded item by letter, gain level without losing your saved xp,
  • message when killed
  • support for different types of damage

    This is all very random stuff, I don't feel like I achieved anything important today. Tomorrow, I will buid a armor system, as well as fixing the graphics related bug (there are actually more then you can see in screenshots). If I finish in time, I will make a better system for loading items, since right now its like:[code=auto:34] if i[1]=="player": pbody=player_input.monster_body.HumanBody tmpobjects.append(player_input.PlayerObject(i[0],pbody,self.cage,self)) self.focus=tmpobjects[-1] self.player=self.focus #These are usually equal, but sometimes the screen could focus on something else tmpobjects.append(items.HealingPotion(i[0],self.cage.lookup("potion.png"), self, self.cage,"potion")) elif i[1]=="lizzard": pbody=player_input.monster_body.lizard tmpobjects.append(player_input.MonsterObject(i[0],pbody,self.cage,self,75,name="lizard")) print tmpobjects[-1].position elif i[1]=="potion": tmpobjects.append(items.HealingPotion(i[0],self.cage.lookup("potion.png"), self, self.cage,"potion")) elif i[1]=="sword": tmpobjects.append(items.Weapon(i[0],self.cage.lookup("shortsword.png"),self, self.cage, "sword","swords",5,1)) else: print i
    It works for the ammount of items I have now, but that is going to increase a lot, so its not going to be possible. Also, I need a way for monsters to be generated with certain Items in there inventory, witch will be easier if I make some utility functions that allow to create a item by name. Also, I will need to make a monster spawning system. That will take a few days. Only when I am perfectly happy with every system and the graphics am I going to add more levels and monsters, because even with only 2 types of monster (the player and the lizard) a lot of the time I need to make a change to all of them. (What is the radiation resistance of the lizard? same as human?)
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