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Caveman 3.0 Beta 14 released!

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Norman Barrows


Caveman 3.0 Beta 14 released!

This is a late announcement. Beta 14 was actually released Dec 26th, 2014.



game homepage:


new for beta 14:

* only plays combat sounds if source is within 75ft of player

* new action: abandon object: as drop, but removes object from sim.

* clears collision map cache when perm or temp shelter weathers away.

* enter shelter ani - draws higher off the ground.

* random music - adjust for gamespeed as to how often it plays. right now at high gamespeed it plays more frequently.
1 in 800 at 15 fps < 1 in 800 at 15 fps at 128x speed!
added bigdice()routine, goes up to dice(327,670,000) made music play if dice(100M) < 20000/turns_per_render

* don't let BM enter occupied shelter

* view inventory - alphabetize and sort on quality

* Fixed: bboxes for rocks are not correct. it now takes the rock mesh, and for each vertex, scales it and rotates it,
then checks it against the current bbox size (init'ed to zero), increasing the bbox as needed. so all verticies are scaled and rotated,
and the min and max x,y,z's of the results are the bbox corners.

* select item to trade: use shift select (shift-click for select 10, ctrl-click for select all).

* select item to trade: set select_object_offset to zero the first time, so the list is not scrolled down when they first enter the
select item screen.

* click sfx for all mouse clicks and key presses

* tab between bm's: takes a long time to generate chunks. increase size of chunk cache? cache increased from 30 to 60 chunks.
helps some, but they're travelling cross country, so you're always generating new chunks, so you still run out of chunks, no matter what.
forgot to add more ground meshes to go with more chunks, took a while to track that bug down.

* nokey in world and local map after spacebar press, etc, so klik doesnt play a million times.

* add klik to keypresses in process input

* shift select, world map, local map, etc - add destroy_finished_voices

* gt kangas attacked Buh-ah! wrong ai? defend ai range too big? defend AI rng cut from 50 to 30 feet.

* added nokey to end of wpn hotkeys - waits for key release, instead of clicking repeatedly.

* avians flying awfully low - switch away from wander, flock, etc, too fast? increased alt to 20 ft from 10.
increased max wander time. increased max wander range from leader. reduced chance to stop wandering at random.
reduced flock stop rng to 20 ft. added leader migrate to graze.

* learn rope making, should wear out best nearby anvil stone, not first nearby anvil stone.
added best_nearby() function: returns world object index of the highest quality object of a given type within 20 feet
of a given band member. wearout_nearby() now uses best_nearby() instead of doing a sequential search to find first nearby.

* make maintain distance and other non aggressive AI's flee when taking missile fire instead of attacking.

* cross country travel - navigation experience now has small chance to go up each minute you're in cross country travel mode,
instead of going up when you successfully arrive at your destination.

* cross country travel on rafts - navigation experience now has small chance to go up each minute you're in cross country travel
on board a raft mode, instead of going up when you successfully arrive at your destination.

* updated text on superfast screen (1-6 for gamespeed, x to stop action).

* action mode: use 1-9 for game speed. action mode and super fast screen text updated too.

* make it say "bah-gah-bah" when you start an action

* reduce chunk size to reduce chunk gen time? tested 100, 200, 300, and 400. 100 needs bigger cache, 200: no noticeable difference, 400 was slow. set it back to 300. perhaps as as big as you can generate/stream/load in a reasonable amount of time is the best terrain chunk size?

* fixed: max_ground_quads_per_chunk was set to chunksize, not (chunksize/quadsize) squared.

* in game menu: music on/off: need nobutton. added.
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