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How can i kill thee? let me count the ways...

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Norman Barrows


How can i kill thee? let me count the ways...

There are lots of ways to die in Caveman. For a long time, I've been wanting to post a list, but have never gotten around to it until now. I've been play testing the past few days. Now I'm implementing the changes that play testing uncovered. Then I'll post beta 15. One change is taking 1 dp as well as getting sick from eating raw or spoiled food. But if you take damage, you can die! So now there's yet another way to die in Caveman! . This got me to wondering just how many ways you could die now in Caveman, so I searched the code, and made a list:

Ways to die in Caveman:
1. killed by hostile caveman
2. killed by wild animal
3. swept away by flood waters and drown
4. food poisoning - NEW! before was only indirectly through death by illness (caused by food poisoning).
5. drug overdose
6. dehydration
7. illness
8. exposure to cold
9. heatstroke
10. starvation
11. volcano
12. earthquake
13. comet strike
14. meteor shower
15. hailstorm
16. wildfire
17. fall from tree while climbing up or down
18. falling to your death (fall off cliff, etc)
19. background radiation (old age)
20. drown while swimming

did I forget any? .
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Sounds like a realistic simulation of that time in history. I read somewhere once that one of the biggest killers of prehistoric man was actually tooth decay, based on skull fossils. I guess an infection that close to the brain would wipe you out quickly enough if untreated with the antibiotics we take for granted.


Maybe you should have a mini-game where you get a tooth infection and have to pull the infected tooth out? :)

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>> a mini-game where you get a tooth infection and have to pull the infected tooth out? smile.png


I like that one!


mini-game, quest, event (like catching an illness) - many ways to do it..


I don't get into modeling different diseases yet, the way Elder Scrolls does. everything just makes you "sick", which makes you slowly take damage at random over time.

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