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Move back to 2D underway

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The move back to 2D physics is now underway. I have:

  • Added back support to my level editor to add and manipulate 2D shapes
  • Ripped out the old physics code and replaced with a 2D version
  • Built a player character than just moves around with the arrow keys, but collides with the level geometry

    So now I need to reimplement the kinematic character controller, but this time in 2D. Before I can do that I need to get a ray casting system working again. Just need to do ray-line segment intersections with the edges of the polygons I guess, with a dot product of the ray and normal check to make sure we are hitting the correct side.

    Should be easy enough to add in floor support then, moving up and down slopes correctly and so on. I want to try to get the 2D physics as rock solid as possible before I move on in development.

    That's about all for today, thanks for reading.
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