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Roguelike - Refocus

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OK I think I got it out of me, had a little fun messing around with the system and trying different ideas. Really needed that to clear my head and break past the tediousness of working on the same project for too long. Along with a huge event in my life that's been taking up alot of my time... well really it takes all my time and will for a while. But that's being a family :)

Getting back to the roguelike project. I spent a little bit of time looking over things and trying to get my head wrapped around what my plans were. I'm not sure I really have a final goal anymore, or if I really did. I'm attempting to distill the project down to the exact basics that would constitute a finished game. The struggle is finding that exact minimum while also have the minimum of what would be a fun game, and what is the minimum that is still expandable to include my big ideas.

While I contemplate the basic goals I took some time to work on menu, ui, and state components. Also allowing choosing what class to play as instead of only having the one player class. Finally expanded the inventory to allow more than just the 10 items and decided to drop stacking. I stripped almost all of the UI code I had in place and am working on modularizing it. The old code was almost entirely hardcoded and quite a mess.

As things settle for me, I'm hoping to have more time for the project, more frequent updates. Either way, time or not, my goal from now on is to get to a complete game state, no matter how basic it is. Then work on the fancy polish, gotta get my focus on the finish line back. This project is long over due, especially compared to the first iteration :(

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