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I can't art

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Oi tharrr maties!

So I've been working more on grappling hooks and getting lua scripting to work. You know, gameplay specific stuff. The part of the game development where the interesting stuff stops really happening all the time. Cause let's be real, level design is kinda boring and tedious tongue.png

So, as part of my thing I'm trying to do, writing a journal entry at least once a week, I'm going to give the world a taste of my awful art skillz

I've started really getting vibes from the mechanics here recently as they've started maturing. The mechanics, they speak to you. The mechanics sort of tell a story, and I'm going to try to capture that. The biggest source of fun in my playing around has to do with warping space and moving objects, so I'm going to go full on metallic, mechanical levels with lots of moving parts and switches and puzzles and stuff (already in the works! biggrin.png) and dark lighting. Imma see how the first concepts turn out, but I've got to replace my current default tilemaps before I can really decide.

First little bit of concept art I've made of the main character (witha bit of parabolic grappling hook collision math in the upper corner there)

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