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The Problem with Color

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So I uploaded my game bounce to the Android Play Store not too long ago and everything has been good for the most part.

The main complaint I had was about the controls so I have added and options screen where the user can choose which control scheme they like best.

The other thing that I added I really did not expect to be as big a problem as it is...

Almost immediately after posting on reddit I had a person message me saying that they were not able to play the game since they were colorblind and were not able to see the difference between a few of the colors. I didn't realize how big of a problem this was but it affects quite a few people and so with the help of /r/ColorBlind I have come up with a basic option for people who have trouble seeing between some colors.

The best way to solve this problem is to not rely on colors at all. Your game should never really just be only about colors. You need to have shapes and other patterns mixed in.

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