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Caveman 3.0 Beta 15 released!

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Norman Barrows


Try it now!

Game homepage:

New for beta 15:
Minor fixes
AI priorities reorganized a bit - resting moved to a lower priority, to go with the new full fatigue modeling
Added death by food poisoning
Automatic screen dump file names

* increased collision radius of Gigantopithicus.
* only says "Bagaba" (essentially Caveman speak for "Ok" ) if its the current band member starting an action.
* local map: + and - dont do anything! - removed. unlike the world map, the local map doesn't zoom (yet at least).
*add klik sfx to draw / sheath wpn key
* add klik to run walk
* add klik to continuous move, crouch, and climb, and toggle view.
* animal cliprng > chunk cliprng! set default for all clip ranges to 300 ft.
* fixed: bedding that used to be in a shelter that subsequently weathered away: can't rest or rest and heal, says "lean-to wore out". bedding_menu() was passing the shelter's ID instead of the bedding's ID to wearout_world_object().
* bm follow me: they flee if wounded (when badguys nearby). BMAI reorganized into two types: badguys_nearby, and no_badguys_nearby. changed AI priorities: "follow orders" before "flee if half dead", etc. now it only tests for and reacts to conditions appropriate for badguys or no badguys nearby. b2_bm_do_common_ai was inlined into the beginning of b2_run_BM() before b2_run_BM() was split into badguys nearby, and
no badguys nearby.
* fixed: give to BM: add ctrl clik and shift click to prompt. made sure prompts were correct for all calls to shift_select_object(). "give to band"
prompts were also fixed. "give BM" and "give to band" were recently improved by switching from select_object() to shift_select_object(),
which added shift-click to select up to 10 of a type and quality, and ctrl-click to select all of a type, any quality. but the prompts were not
updated to reflect the new capabilities. the prompts are now correct.
* add nobutton (wait for mouse button release) after teleport in world and local maps.
* pass out, lack of sleep, while moving x-country: need to adj_bm_loc before sleeping. when pass out, if moving, calls stop_moving(cm1). this adjusts BM location, and moves CM1's followers and any other bandmembers following cm1.
* klik on esc from local map
* eat spoiled food, do 1dp as well as make sick. adds a new way to die! food poisoning!
* increased collision radius of elasmotherium.
* fixed: x-country move: should be walk speed. added walk_movement_rate() and increase_walk_fatigue() for use by x-country movement.
* stream: make action area a bit wider: changed from 15 ft to 18 ft rad from center line.
* creek: make action area a bit narrower: changed from 10 ft to 8 ft rad from center line.
* remove_non_hostiles_over_time: removes too quickly. reduced from 10% to 1% chance per minute.
*move x-country: adj_bm_loc and move followers before rest action. now calls stop_moving if moving.
* regen terrain chunk when make or destroy or weather away store pit, or any other world obj.
removed redundant bedding_in_way check from generate_chunk() - bedding already handled by storepit_in_way.
added init_chunks to:
bedding: add, wearout, demolish
huts: come, go
storepit: make, weather, abandon
tmp shelter: add, demolish, weather
abandoned hut: add, bm takeover, weather away.
perm shelter: build, demolish, weather away, abandon and build new one, abandon and takeover existing abandoned one.
* clear_CM_cache when init_chunks. added call to clear collision maps when it inits (clears) terrain chunks when the terrain changes due to
player or npc strutcures coming and going.
* fixed: sneak hand attak doesn't trigger detection. a sneak hand attack hit that doesn't kill now sets sneak state to "detected by hostiles".
*flock: they crowd around the leader so tightly he/she can't move. now stops at 40, not 30 feet.
* animal AI - resting when under attack? common_flee_AI had rest as highest priority, moved it to lowest priority
* added automatic screen dump file names.
* increased minimum encounter range to 75 feet (affected mountains, woods and jungle).
* increased encounter ranges. min is now 100. large herds of big game were still rather close in dense terrain. may need to make encounter
range the range to closest encountered, not range to center of group. disburse the group away from player starting at the encounter point,
instead of disbursing them around the encounter point.
* added draw_obj_in_hand to draw_bandmember when current_action!=DONTHING. temporarily disabled in the demo until assets are
created for and assigned to all actions.
* fixed the height an avatar is drawn at when playing pray, sacrifice, and prayfire animations.
* fixed: caveman encounter messages used name of cm0 - the current band member - the one the human player is currently controlling, not the band member having the encounter.
* cut spacing between animals at time of encounter from 3x to 2.5x animal.rad
* only shows the "you're so fatigued you have to stop and rest" msg if its the current band member.
* added: footstep sfx when moving cross country
* caverns: now does new style caveman encounters (no talk / attack / ignore menu anymore).
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