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Rogulike - Download Build 056

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Another build, this time with a complete game? Almost, if you consider being able to go from start to victory a complete game. I think I've got 99% of the base skeleton in place and will be focusing a specific modules of the game from now on. As usual the game requires a numpad and runs in a 1280x720 window... I'll be addressing different resolutions soon. I promise.

Download the game and unzip it with your favorite zip program (I use 7zip). Run the appropriate visual studio redistributes in the C Runtimes folder, if you have visual studio 2012 installed, you probably wont need these. Then simply run the game and go smile.png

Pressing 'H' within the game will show all the controls that are activated right now.


Now on to what's new and what's next. Alot of the work is still under the hood and not completely visible. The biggest features is the addition of the boss and being able to win or lose. Losing is disable for the build as combat isn't stable enough, I want everyone to have the chance to try it out without dieing every time an ant charges you.

Next I'll be going back and reworking a lot of the item system, setting in concrete my plans for the system. I've been doing a bit of research and reading up on ideas and something I want to put some thought into is multiple uses. Even if the second type of use is just throwing the item. I don't have enough of it thought out to go into detail yet unfortunately.

the one last big change.... NO MORE HUNGER. I'm thinking as hard as I can for a need of the hunger system beyond it being a staple in roguelikes. My dungeons will be small, monsters wont respawn, I don't see scumming being a good reason with those factors. It feels more like a burden, a clock you're working against.

I'll go into better detail next time, just wanted to get a build out smile.png enjoy and till next time happy coding all.

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