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Revised Combat

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Holidays are over, so progress got slowed down. But I try to get something done every day.

During the week I got another area done and minimized the work for copying and creating another one. I also balanced some stuff ...

The most important thing I did was changing the values and calculations combat works with.
Defendig is not something you do when the enemy charges an attack, but it gradually increases with each defense action and decreases when you don't defend. This should make defending (especially against strong enemies) more important.
Status effects will now decrease over time, depending on the characters resistance against the element.
There's also some other stuff concerning agility so that effects aren't applied too often.

The current plan:
I'm going to work on new content (enemies, quests, skills, areas) during the week and new stuff (inventory, dungeons, boss battles) on the weekends.
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