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Strife update

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Legends of Strife

I realized that i haven't made and update in 7 months. Fortunately its not for lack of progress I somehow just never got to writing posts. So here's a quick summary, in the last 7 months I have:

  • Separated the opengl part of my engine from the rest via an interface and with that created a DirectX equivalent. Since I'm using java I had to create my own directx bindings in C++ and link it in using java's native interface. All of that was a surprisingly large amount of work especially considering that before I started I had no experience with either C++ or directx (or java's native interface for that matter). Soon I want to add an android opengles equivalent as well ^^

    • Significantly improved the AI system and made it easier to quickly define an NPC's behaviour and abilities.

      • Server and client now reads all Quest, Entity and Item information from XML. If you're interested here's the current Entity XML file. For two good monster examples check the ForestBoar and the AntleWorker. For two town npc examples check Valice and Auburn. http://distantmelody.net/journal/2015-01-12/entity.xml

        • Added various spells that can be used by the different player classes and/or npc's and lots of other things (Npc's, Terrain, Terrain Objects, quests, items etc etc.)

          Here's a small montage we've made demonstrating some of the new (and some old) spells and abilities followed by some screenshots. For a more detailed breakdown of the new content visit our our other blog on indiedb (link at the bottom).





          21240.png[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial][font=arial] [/font][/font][/color]
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