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Revel Immortal Update 1/13

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Happy New Year!

...a little late, I know.

[twitter]brian_matthys[/twitter] has been bugging me, relentlessly to post another update.

But, for those of you who know me best; I often get wrapped up in the implementation, more so than the telling.

Current Status of Revel Immortal

I am happy to report that I am finished with the 'containers/stores' code; we now have the ability to place chests/containers; and of course NPC 'shops' around in our game world:


Brian also made some great strides in implementing an 'audio driver' strategy so that we can support Internet Explorer 9+

...for those who are unaware IE9 and above (to date) use the Abysmal HTML5 'audio tag' API; instead of the much more capable, WebAudio API; supported by most browsers.

So now we simply auto-detect for features and switch to a lower quality driver if need be; and inform the player in the settings window:


I've also been doing more work on new environmental graphics; as well as editor features to support them; notably a system to 'auto-map' collision spaces based on input graphics.

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Recommended Comments

Is that message ("Your Audio Quality could be better") clickable, or does it provide more information when you hover over it?  I think you've got the right solution, but the message as displayed in the screenshot doesn't really explain the problem fully -- if I saw that I would be wondering what I should do to improve the audio quality.


My suggestion (if it isn't already implemented) would be to adjust the message so that the user knows their choice of browser is responsible for the low quality -- if you use a clickable popup or hover to provide more information you might even suggest alternative browsers.

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You're absolutely right; I've been looking at that message since we made it thinking "why?", the plan is to expand the message; but if the limited space is a problem I might try for a very simple click-toggle 'popup'.

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