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Caveman 3 Beta 16 released!

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Norman Barrows


Caveman 3 Beta 16 released!

Play now!

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New for beta 16:

* fixed: rock collisions not working, and "select" only selects rocks in terrain with rocks.
rocks bounding box radius used by "select" and "collision map" was not the same as that used by "terrain chunks".
this was a result of the change to calc_rock_BBox made in beta 14.
This did not turn up immediately in testing, or it would have been fixed before beta 14 was released.
* fixed: local map: action areas for "center on player" and "center on quest" buttons were off.
* the game now shows a message when there are hostiles nearby and you try to accelerate time > 128 times normal speed.
* doubled y scaling used for (IE: thickness of) stone knife mesh.
* added nobutton after "center on player" and "center on quest" in local map.
* added alt-tab support to modeler.
* cut size of stone object in half
* cut size of wood object in half
* the game now draws objects in hand during action animations for (action - item in hand):
find stone - 2 hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
find one hand hammer - 1 hand hammer
find two hand hammer - 2 hand hammer
find flint - flint
find cool rock - cool rock
find throwing rock - throwing rock
make stone knife - one hand hammer
butcher action - stone knife
make raincatch - stone knife
find wood - wood
find herbs - herbs
make waterskin - stone knife
find spices - spices
find nuts - nuts
find grain - handful of grain
find veggies - digging stick
find fire sticks - wood
make boiling bag - stone knife
find boiling stone - two hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
find grinding slab - two hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
find grinding stone - two hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
make flint knife - one hand hammer
make torch - stone knife
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