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The beginning...

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Back in 2007 I started work on Reactor3D, a 3D game engine for XNA. Originally planned as a commercial product, Myself and a few others worked on it. Pretty soon though, the two other people who were working with me decided to put their development efforts into other projects. That was fine and I continued solo...

Almost two years later, I released a beta version to a few developers who loved it. There were bugs, there were missing features, but for the most part it was a successful engine. I decided to build a game in 15 days with it, a match-3 puzzle game called Alchemist and released it on XBox Live Indie Games. While the game itself was a complete flop, it did prove the engine was ready for main stream development.

I released it.

And the community cried about the lack of features... and I took it personal... ...and I quit.

I open sourced the license and soon after Microsoft released XNA 4.0, breaking my engine because of API changes and I never bothered to go and update the engine code. So it died really quickly.


I was dumb. What I should have done was to start to convert it all over to C++ and OpenGL. I didn't.

So, while back then I was pretty much fed up with indie game development and tools development I decided that this time around, I'd build it for me, as a passion to myself. No commercial plans, open development, open source, open mindset, with no promise of features, I'll just see how it evolves.

So I would like to welcome you all to my journey. My tools are still somewhat the same, C#, mono for cross platform support. Only this time, OpenTK (OpenGL4.5 context) and OpenAL.

I've already got a good foothold and brushed back up on my 3d math knowledge. I've got a decent code base going.

Those interested can take a look at: http://code.reisergames.com
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